Dolbey Expands Their #1 Best in KLAS Fusion CAC Solution With Single Path Coding

Single Path Coding is a consolidation of facility and professional fee coding to streamline processes, maximize coder output, and reduce costs by minimizing duplicated efforts. 
Some Dolbey Fusion CAC customers were looking for a way to combine the effort of two teams while others were looking for ways to take on additional coding workloads without adding coding resources. 
In response, Dolbey enhanced the Fusion CAC workflow to accommodate code assignments for both facility and professional fee by a single coder, in a single instance. The engine-suggested codes can be utilized simultaneously in the single path coding mode. The Fusion CAC platform can be configured for those clients who want to use a single path for certain patient encounters. Recognizing and offering flexibility in workflows is one of the many reasons Dolbey’s Fusion CAC has earned the title of Best in KLAS for the last five years. Having one platform to support all workflows eliminates the need to buy, implement, and manage multiple solutions.
“With this enhanced workflow, Dolbey Fusion CAC customers should experience improved coding accuracy and consistency between facility and professional fee while simultaneously enhancing productivity and timely billing,” says Dee Lang, RHIT, CCDS, RCM Product Domain Expert at Dolbey.
Computer-assisted coding software reads medical charts documenting patient care and suggests medical billing codes to increase productivity and improve accuracy. Dolbey’s Fusion CAC uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make these code suggestions as well as to highlight other data toward the goal of the highest quality documentation of patient care.
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