Do the Easiest Job Ever and Get $3,000 for Sleeping While at It

SleepingOcean together with Brooklyn Bedding would be paying $1,250 in cash via PayPal and giving out a brand new mattress worth $1,749 to successful participants in a new sleeping contest announced here.
This contest would see participants write an honest review of their experience sleeping on a brand new mattress provided by Brooklyn Bedding. The organizers have made two premium hybrid mattress options available to contestants; with the bed delivered to the doorstep of selected participants.
After contestants test the bed for at least two weeks, they would be required to review their sleeping experience to be qualified to get a sum of $1,250 (Paid via PayPal transfer). Again, contestants have the option of writing a detailed review or making a video review answering some questions from SleepingOcean and Brooklyn Bedding about their experience.
Applying for this opportunity is quite simple. Interested persons only need to fill a form providing required information and answering a few questions about their sleep routine. The contest is open till July 31st, 2021.
Only US Citizens living in the US above the ages of 18 are eligible for this contest. And for student participants, the contest organizers are throwing in a bonus of a complementary set of two pillows to go with the Queen size mattress to be tested.
All other information needed on eligibility terms is provided on SleepingOcean’s page here.
SleepingOcean is one of the leading mattress and sleep blogs featured in reputable media such as New York Magazine, Healthline, Lifewire, and more. SleepingOcean’s goal is to help readers find their perfect match in the world of sleep products and improve the quality of their slumber.
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