Do Commercial Chatbots Need Conversational AI?

Commercial chatbots are becoming more sophisticated with the addition of conversational AI. Digital conversations, aided by natural language processing (NLP), are able to understand customer intent, resulting in enhanced customer journeys that can quickly provide users with the information they need or connect them with a live agent who’s the right fit for their query.
In this article, learn how conversational AI for chatbots works and why business owners should consider adding a conversational AI chatbot to their customer experience.
How does conversational AI for chatbots work?
When a customer begins an interaction with a chatbot or website, they have an intent that may be more complex than a direct question. Conversational AI (backed by NLP) enables computers to grasp the intent of these users in a similar way that humans can. The AI is able to connect different pieces of information in the same conversation, recall previous interactions with the same user, and even draw associations with other interactions it may have seem before.
6 advantages of conversational AI for commercial chatbots
1. Decreased costs
With sophisticated chatbots as the first customer touchpoint, users will be able to quickly find the information they need without needing to directly contact an agent. Chatbots will be able to quickly answer routine questions, lowering overall costs. The time saved by these expedited response times will enable agents to focus on more challenging queries.
2. Enhanced customer experience
Customers will appreciate the time they save by quicker and friendlier self-service chatbots. They know they’ll receive a quick resolution to their question, whether by chatbot or being redirected to the best agent for their inquiry, thus increasing a sense of trust and loyalty.
3. Higher agent satisfaction
With chatbots able to handle common questions and direct any escalations, agents will be able to focus on a wider variety of queries, promoting greater job satisfaction.
4. Increased customer engagement
Conversational AI can help customers feel more engaged with a company or brand. With behavioral analysis, AI-enabled chatbots can seamlessly understand a question’s intent and deploy the right response at the right time.
5. Become more proactive
With AI, chatbots will be able to predict what consumers are looking for or need based on purchase histories and machine learning data. Chatbots can act proactively instead of reactively, suggesting products or services before a customer asks for them.
6. Meet customers where they are
With conversational AI commercial chatbots, businesses will be able to meet their customers where they already are. They can engage both existing and potential customers on messaging apps or live chat on their own website, 24/7. Any business will be able to guarantee that no question goes unnoticed.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.