Divami Design Labs Celebrates its 12th Anniversary

Divami Design Labs started as an IT firm back in 2008. But, slowly, the company became admired for its unique design and development capabilities with the team growing steadily over the years.

Amidst the pandemic, the company is planning an online celebration. Talking about the celebrations, Ms. Vidya Rajagopalan, HR Head, Divami Design Labs said, “With events scheduled every week, we have kept the excitement high and perfectly tuned to the celebratory mood. After all, anniversary celebrations are of second nature for all of us at Divami.”

In 2008, Naveen Puttagunta, the CEO and Founder of the company set out on a vision to establish the best design firm in India. Over the past decade, his dream has taken off and the design firm is considered one of the best across India and the world. Divami has grown from a small niche design agency to an industry leader catering to clients from all verticals- Fintech, Edtech, Consumer apps, SaaS platforms, and so on.

“This is an important milestone achieved for us,” said Mr. Puttagunta. “We are grateful to our clients for their support and encouragement over this time. My deepest gratitude goes to the Divami team whose efforts were instrumental for our survival and growth for the last 12 years. They are the ones who went above and beyond during this time to deliver promised results ensuring quality and innovation are top-notch for each project.”

Over the past 12 years, Divami has been successful at evolving and changing to stay ahead of other UX UI Design agencies and has positioned itself in the most competitive way possible.

Ms. Prathima Inolu, Director & Chief Design Officer at Divami has taken it on herself to get the team prepared for the post-Covid business challenges. “We are looking forward to a steady growth over the years as I am confident on the team’s caliber to rise to the occasion and utilize every learning experience to come up with transformational ideas and innovations.”

Divami Design Labs is a UX UI Design firm with offices in India and the USA. The company is popular for its unique design and development capabilities with the team growing steadily over the years. In the 12 years of their existence, they have worked with clients across the world to deliver world-class user experience through web & mobile apps, B2B SaaS & Cloud platforms, Consumer apps & eCommerce platforms, and Digital Transformation projects.

For more information on Divami Design Labs and their services, please visit https://divami.com/