Disadvantages of working from home

Working from home is really inviting, with the advantages like you can choose the job you like, boss and schedules, dress how you like, have breaks anytime you want. But before pursuing working from home, read this disadvantages first and then decide after.
Holidays – Let’s all admit that we all waiting for holidays, specially the employees who can get extra pay if they work on a holiday. On the opposite hand, if you work from home, there is NO holiday and holiday pay. You will be self-employed or freelancer when you work from home. You can get lucky if you’re client will include you to have a holiday.
Leave – At the office, you can get a sick leave and vacation leave. And still on the opposite hand, working at home you will not get this benefits. Commonly it is no work no pay policy, but still there is hope, still depends if you will work out this with your client and he agree with it.
Motivation – At home, there are temptations that you should fight. For example, seeing your soft bed, lots of pillows this will attract you to sleep which you should be working. Add the cold weather that makes you more lazy and sleepy. There are other invitation from friends, family and relatives which will affect to your working schedules. In this instances, you should motivate yourself and know your priority and responsibility.
Socialization – Working at the office with friends and meeting new friends are one of the great inspiration. When you work at home, it will lessen this moments. You will surely miss your great pals, the laughs, talk, eating together, shopping together, party etc.
Responsibility – Work from home will get you all the responsibility equivalent for HR at the office. You will look for your own client, pay your taxes, insurances, bank accounts, and internet connection. You should also provide a stable internet connection, should have a back up if something gets wrong on the one you are using. Loss of internet connection and not completing your job would be so unreasonable to your client.
Unpredictable clients/job – Dealing in the internet would be a real gamble, even you have a contract there are still clients that will just disappear after getting the task done.
Space – this applies to those living in like a studio type of apartment and living with your family. In this set up, there are possibilities that you will be working with family around you, watching tv, listening to radio, children playing and other distractions. You should arrange your workstation comfortably.

So, think hundred times if you really like and can work from home. Think also for the jobs will be given to you and if you can’t do it, this will give the clients trauma trusting people that work from home. Have a heart and passion on what you do, and you will find yourself earning money without thinking you’re working.

About the Author: Filipino Sourcing is an outsourcing solutions provider based in the Philippines dedicated to offer businesses and employers a variety of services, both full-time and part-time basis, from offshore staffing, project outsourcing to comprehensive and even large scale business operations.