Dirty Jobs : 100th Job : Music Video

Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe 100th Dirty Job Dirty Jobs Music Video Mike Rowe & his faithful field producer Dave Barsky sing a song dedicated to all the people with Dirty Jobs. — “Dedicate it to all the hard working folks who invited us into their homes last year” “They rolled out the welcome mat, even if it was brown & dirty & poo covered, were greatful” Now everyone whos got a job has got his dues to pay, Working for a paycheck & getting through the day, But if youre bored or otherwise inclined to be a slob, Grab some boots & lose that suit & get a DIRTY JOB, Fight a FIRE or Tread a TYRE or Ride a garbage TRUCK, Save a SEAL or Make some MEAL or Manage miles of MUCK, Misbehave Inside a CAVE, with 40 million BATS, Find some Friendly ROACHES in a SEWER Filled with RATS, DIRTY JOBS they’re EVERYWHERE, just take a look around, Down the Street or Up the Stairs or even UNDERGROUND, You Dont need to Borrow, Beg & you don’t need to Rob, All you’ve got to do is get yourself a DIRTY JOB, All you’ve got to do is get yourself a DIRTY JOB. – “Dirty jobs arent hide to find” “Theyre pretty much everywhere” – Smelly Loads & Foul COMODES, all need to be addressed, CHIMNEY Sweeps & CHICKS that Peep can make an awful MESS, Wrangle herds of CRANKY BIRDS that BITE & KICK & STOMP, Mine for COAL or Dig a HOLE or Navigate a SWAMP, Dig for CLAMS or Handle HAM or work with Stinging BEES, Clean a DUMP or Lift a PUMP or Labor out at SEA, Run a RIG or Chase a PIG, Find VOMIT from a