Digitech Closes Successful First Quarter of 2021

Digitech, a leading provider of EMS billing and technology services, announces that it has closed a successful first quarter of 2021 with key additions to its staff and customer base as well as the continued migration of legacy clients onto their industry-leading billing platform. 
“Despite its many challenges, 2020 was a watershed year for Digitech,” said Mark Schiowitz, President and CEO. “We closed a successful Q1 2021 because the stage was set last year. The pivotal event was our acquisition of the R1 EMS business unit in 2020, which required a tremendous amount of preparation and effort from our Digitech teams. Now, we are reaching new milestones as part of our continued commitment to efficiency and innovation.”
Significant Digitech achievements during this quarter include:
“We’re excited about the momentum,” said Jason Crowell, Senior Vice President of Sales at Digitech. “Our year-over-year consistent performance and dedication to our clients is resonating in the marketplace. The strides we’ve made thus far in 2021 will help us reach our next stage of growth. More and more EMS agencies are reaping the benefits of Digitech’s strong compliance program, transparent real-time reporting and analytics solutions, and high level of client service.”
About Digitech
Digitech is a leading provider of advanced billing and technology services to the EMS transport industry. Since its founding in 1984, Digitech has refined its software platform to create a cloud-based billing and business intelligence solution that monitors and automates the EMS revenue lifecycle. Digitech balances its proprietary technology with deeply experienced human oversight to deliver fully outsourced services that maximize collections, protect compliance, and deliver results for clients. For more information, visit digitechcomputer.com.
Press Contact: Rachel Wilson, rwilson@digitechcomputer.com
Source: Digitech