Digital Marketers India Announced Customers Will Be Catered during Lockdown

India is facing the second stage of COVID 19 and within a few days, the cases are increasing like anything. To break the cycle of Coronavirus infection and reduce the cases of COVID 19, the government of India has announced the complete lockdown till the 14th of April 2020. The lockdown is countrywide for a period of 21 days. Due to this lockdown, all private offices will stay closed.

Ms. Ashvini Vyas, Founder and Director of Digital Marketers India announced that their company will continue offering digital marketing services to its customers with a “Work from Home” model. The company is one of the leading full service digital marketing agencies in India and it has joined the line of many other IT companies that have shifted remote because of COVID19 and its severe repercussions.

“I had started this digital marketing agency with a work from the home model only. Then, I added some more team members who have been helping me with their SEO marketing, social media marketing, content writing, and graphics designing services remotely. After 2 years of virtual setup, we inaugurated our physical office. Even in the current time, we have some staff members who work full time from remote locations and mostly in work from home setup. We have been delighting our customers and this is not new for us except for some SEO experts and content writers who have joined us in the recent past”, shared Ms. Ashvini Vyas, Founder & Director, Digital Marketers India.

She further added, “We have many customers in India and abroad and all of them are facing the risk of Coronavirus and its infection. This is a tough time and we all need to help each other. We have made some donations as much as possible by us.”

According to Ashvini Vyas, the priority of the company is to support the decisions of the government to control the spread of this fatal virus. Furthermore, the company wants to make sure that its customers keep getting the services they expect. Thus, the company has gone “Remote” and the team of digital marketing experts works remotely.

“The lockdown is for 21 days, which is till 14 April 2020 so our office will stay locked till then for sure. Our team will get paid who are of course, doing an excellent job by providing the best digital marketing services remotely. We are thankful to our team for their support to the company and community. Our office help people will also get paid even if their services are not in use and will not be used for almost a month. We cannot announce the date of the office opening at the moment as nobody can predict about the future. We are not having any hint whether this 21 day lockdown will be enough to stop its spread or not. We are positive that the Indian government and the contribution of countrymen will defeat this virus. However, we are ready to handle the situation, in case, the lockdown is extended. I just hope for the best in the goodwill of society and everyone”, remarked Ashvini Vyas, Founder & Director, Digital Marketers India.

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