Digital Group Announces New Features for Digital HRMS

Pune, Maharashtra: The Digital Group announced the latest release of its product Digital HRMS. The new release involves new features & key updates in different modules. This release comes at the close heels of another release in the last week of February.

Digital HRMS is a highly customizable modular HRMS platform that can be customized to meet the needs of every business. The frequent releases of Digital HRMS are the result of continuous efforts being put in by the team to add to the functionalities, user experience, as well as the look and feel of the platform. There are quite a few new features and enhancements to look forward to in the new release.

What’s New
• Addition of new fields to the Candidate Report of the recruitment module.

• Addition of Income Tax Declaration feature on the platform which will help employees to declare their investments for Income Tax.

• Addition of a new Country of Birth field which was not present earlier and this has been added to the Reports as well.

• New feature added to the Recruitment module, whereby resume of the interviewee candidate gets automatically attached in the meeting invite of scheduled interview. Similarly, after submission of the feedback form by the interviewer, an email notification is sent to the next interview panel, along with the resume as well as the feedback form submitted by the previous level interviewer.

With the continuous updates to the platform and new functionalities being added every few weeks, the Digital HRMS team has its focus on creating a new user experience for their users. There are, reportedly, many new updates and features in the pipeline, that will be live in the upcoming releases of Digital HRMS.