Digital fragrance startup Aromajoin is giving developers one month to invent smell-o-vision, among other scent-inspired projects

Kyoto, Japan: Since April 2020, Japanese digital fragrance startup Aromajoin has invited talented software developers to apply for a free, month-long creative experience using Aromajoin’s flagship IoT scent device, the Aroma Shooter, with the intention of inspiring scent-enhanced audiovisual experiences, among other digital scent-inspired projects.

The Aroma Shooter is a 6-chamber aroma emitter that completely abandons liquid media, which means no vapor, nor mist, nor steam. Based on Aromajoin’s proprietary solid-state fragrance material, the device simply transports scented air on command, making it impossible for odors to linger or mix together unintentionally. The Aroma Shooter gives creative people the means to toggle discrete scents as smoothly as visual content on a screen.

Developers may apply for a 1-month creator kit via the following site:

The coronavirus pandemic limits where Aromajoin may send Aroma Shooter kits, and the project ideas will be screened for their feasibility, but the company is eager to humor any creative endeavor using the Aroma Shooter.

Aromajoin’s mission is to change the world with aroma communication. In practical terms, the hardware startup is pioneering development of a true, end-to-end digital scent infrastructure, imagining a future where scent information travels as seamlessly as text, audio, and video.

About Aromajoin Corporation: Founded in 2012 in Kyoto, Japan, Aromajoin Corporation produces the world’s most advanced aroma delivery systems, serving the needs of over 100 enterprise clients in retail, cosmetics, F&F production, entertainment, XR, and neuroscience.