Digital Dubai Launches ‘Unleashing the Power of Data Through Private Synthetic Data’ Report to Boost Digital Economy

Digital Dubai, the government arm of Dubai tasked with digitising the economy of the emirate, wants to use synthetic data to deliver its mission of boosting data-led innovation and driving the digitisation of Dubai’s economy. 
Synthetic data uses artificial intelligence to create near-exact replicas of real-world data. More effective in protecting sensitive data than existing privacy preserving techniques, synthetic data can be used to increase data volume and quality, while correcting biases. 
The use of synthetic data is growing within financial services, testing fraud detection methods mimicking customer behaviour to research products, and healthcare using patient record data to advance public health systems while maintaining patient confidentiality. Synthetic data has a range of projected uses, from creating training data for autonomous vehicles and robots to powering digital twin technologies and, eventually, metaverse applications. 
Digital Dubai released the Framework to create conditions in which those tasked with using data to power new products, insights and business strategies can do so ethically and responsibly. It builds on a range of initiatives which create advanced digital and data governance arrangements and a world-class data ecosystem.
His Excellency Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of Digital Dubai, said: “Our interest in digital data stems from our awareness of its importance. We are witnessing AI-powered technologies transforming every aspect of our lives. Our efforts to work with digital data are an integral part of our journey to lay the foundations of a comprehensive and integrated digital life, supported by smart solutions that are rooted in analysis. They form part of our commitment to implement our wise leadership’s directives to advance Dubai’s position as a city that inspires the world in its quest to create a prosperous future for its citizens and residents. Our recent efforts have been met with notable success, and today, we have developed an advanced practical guide that decision-makers and experts can refer to, globally.” 
H.E. Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General of Digital Dubai, and CEO of Dubai Data Establishment, added: “This research is in line with Dubai Data Establishment’s mission to build an integrated and thriving system that supports innovation to spearhead the transition towards a comprehensive, fully integrated smart digital life. This pioneering project is one of many designed to develop policies, standards and guidelines to facilitate the dissemination and exchange of data and ensure its proper use.”
Source: Digital Dubai