Digital Content Transformed by AI Technology

Uniquify, a Silicon Valley neural network technology and AI edge computing company, is unveiling AI and cloud technology that will transform today’s digital content for consumers. Mobile phones, TVs, tablets, and computers offer access to a tremendous amount of digital content. However, digital content hasn’t changed fundamentally from the content available 40-60 years ago. Uniquify is announcing an AI and cloud technology that will result in individually tailored, interactive, and editable digital content that will provide consumers with immersive and personalized viewing experiences. This technology is based on Uniquify’s proprietary Neural Network 2.0 technology.
“We want to change the way people watch, read, and listen to digital content by transforming today’s passive digital content into the interactive, editable, and social digital content of tomorrow,” says Josh Lee, CEO of Uniquify. “There are many impressive and mature AI modeling technologies for digital content today, but consumers don’t have easy access to these AI technologies. We’ve been developing advanced AI technologies for digital content based on our proprietary Neural Network 2.0 technology, and we’ll deploy these AI models to the edges to provide easy access to consumers. We believe our AI and cloud technology will transforms today’s digital content into tomorrow’s AI digital content that will impact consumers on a global scale.”
Uniquify’s new approach to digital content will also impact e-commerce and social platforms by providing viewers with a more direct connection to their digital content, creating connected experiences for each viewer based on their preference and style. This technology creates a new avenue for brands and product companies to interact with their customers in a way that has not been possible in the past, opening up new marketing and engagement opportunities that are much more interactive and personal.
“The role of today’s digital content is primarily to entertain, with limited product marketing and advertisement in the form of product placement in movies and TV shows,” comments Sam Kim, COO of Uniquify. “We believe the future role of digital content is far greater than just entertainment and marketing. With our proprietary AI and cloud technology, today’s digital content applications will extend into e-commerce, social media, interactive entertainment, editable digital media, politics, individualized product marketing, and much more.”
Uniquify’s AI and cloud technology presents three novel digital content applications to enhance consumer experience: information overlay, visual overlay, and social overlay. Many of today’s viewers consume content on one screen and have a second screen to access additional information. The information overlay application enhances digital content by connecting and displaying relevant information from the internet or a cloud service on either of those screens to offer viewers a next generation content experience. The visual overlay application allows viewers to edit and customize any digital content according to their preference and style. The social overlay application enables friends and virtual communities to enjoy a shared experience through digital content.
Neural Network 2.0 is a foundational neural network technology that shrinks the neuron in neural networks by replacing the conventional multiply-accumulate (MAC) block with Uniquify’s proprietary AI processing element (AIPE) to reduce the area, power consumption, and cost of neural network application silicon by up to 20 times.
Uniquify’s core business includes neural network platform and modeling, AI edge computing, consumer application SoC development, and semiconductor IP licensing. After years of research and development, Uniquify is ready to unveil Neural Network 2.0 technology, Digital Content AI models, and high bandwidth and performance AI edge computing SoC through an invitation-only demo at 2022 CES. For more information, visit or email us at
Source: Uniquify, Inc.