Digital Business Cards Are the New Direct Message. MobiCard Explains.

MobiCard is an all-in-one digital application for networking, lead generation analytics, and business card exchange that connects businesses with other businesses or potential customers.
Before COVID-19 forced professionals to pivot from in-person networking to virtual measures, it was a common occurrence for people, after meeting face-to-face, to search for the person on social media and send them a direct message (DM) to stay in touch.
Not only is this process time-consuming, but it can also be a challenge to know the exact spelling of the person’s name on social media.
With the MobiCard app, people no longer have to go on a social media hunt after a networking opportunity. Instead, business professionals can send their digital business cards on the spot.
This first-of-its-kind mobile app eliminates the need to physically exchange contact information and spend time searching social media to find the person online.
“While business cards may seem obsolete because of social media, they’re far from it,” said Josh Sodaitis, Chairman and CEO of MobiCard. “Business cards alleviate the hunt for more information and keep all the important details in one spot. Digital business cards build on this premise and add an extra layer of convenience by keeping all those details in the palm of your hand.”
Data from a study conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute also highlighted the importance as 72 percent of people said they judge a company or person based on the quality of their business cards while 39 percent would choose not to do business with a company if they had “cheap-looking” business cards.
Some of the additional benefits of using a digital business card include:
“Just about every aspect of our life has an online component and digitizing the exchange of business cards is no different,” Sodaitis noted.
While communication via DM has become commonplace, it can be unreliable and unprofessional, and MobiCard identified this problem and created a solution.
The digital business card is an innovative and sleek way to not only exchange information but grab someone’s attention as well. 
Through the app, MobiCard users are also able to create or enhance their digital footprint thanks to the ability to include a link to social accounts as a call-to-action which helps build deeper connections with other professionals and recruiters. 
The real-time response to incoming data from push notifications that are sent anytime someone shares a business card gives MobiCard users a networking edge to take the details about the person who shared the card and make the first outreach connection, a process professionals can’t duplicate with traditional paper business cards.
Improve networking, lead generation, and communication with MobiCard.
About Mobicard:
MobiCard has created a game-changer in the networking arena thanks to its exclusive and revolutionary customizable digital business card platform. This flexible and robust application makes exchanging contact information virtually a seamless experience. There’s no limit to the creativity and ingenuity this app can provide for businesses and professionals alike as it provides an innovative networking solution that’ll disrupt the traditional paper business card business.
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