Differentiate Essentials From Unessentials in a Job Search

One of the very common mistakes made by many job seekers is getting into easily and quickly available jobs irrelevant to their educational backgrounds or interests. Several reasons could be attributed for such an erroneous conclusion.

·         Some may not be matured enough to choose an apt path

·         Some may fail or find difficult to get a job in their chosen field owing to heavy competition

·         Some may be desperate to get into any sort of job to make instant money

·         Some may simply get allured by such jobs

·         Some others may be simply in need of a job

People engaged in such jobs may lose interest in a short period, and by the time they realize they often lose most valuable time during which they should have laid a strong foundation for their targeted jobs and at the same time remain inexperienced as their work experience might not help in their chosen field. This makes a huge difference in building their targeted career. Added to these, the most distressing factor could be comparison with their friends settled in better positions in chosen fields well ahead of them both in earnings and hierarchy.

In such a context, one may feel frustrated, and if they wish to get back to their targeted jobs, they might have to begin from the entry-level position. Hence taking a right step is a key and decisive factor in building up career.

As a fresher one may feel difficult in making his way towards targeted destination. This is not uncommon and usually experienced by almost all job seekers. But with strategic planning, discipline and good homework one can easily reach his passionate destination. Don’t look for initial unripened fruits or fruits that are short lived.

Your chosen field relevant to your educational background or interest or passion will provide you all – thrilling and challenging work environment, love and interest towards work, passion for growth, and ultimate satisfaction; you will strive for excellence in such a targeted job.

Secondly, part time jobs also play a key role in achieving success in your aspired field. Jobs done during the course of your studies, or any point of time add a lot to your profile and help in easy and quick entry into a job. This experience counts a lot. On the other hand part time jobs irrelevant to your educational background or interests may provide you instant money but do not add to you profile, and hence may not help you further. So be selective even in part time jobs, no matter even if they bring you small amount of money initially.

Finally, keep yourself updated of the job news that appears in news papers, web or any other source. Job portals help you a lot in this regard. In addition to providing most updated information, they offer you many other services. Do a lot of home work before attending any interview. Form a group with your friends or job seekers. Conducting mock interviews and mutual exchange of ideas help you a lot in achieving success.

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