Dictum Health Empowers Providers With New Advanced Care Management Tools

Dictum Health announces a powerful new suite of care management tools called Clinical Pathways that arms providers with dramatically more insight about their remote patients’ conditions, enabling a new level of care awareness and management.
This advanced suite is built around Dictum Health’s Clinical Pathways Engine, which uses an algorithm-based ruleset to score patient questionnaire responses and captured physiological values to compute a single aggregated value and corresponding alert notification. This unique feature delivers immediate, easily interpretable data that is highly meaningful, valuable, and actionable for providers.
A key capability of the Clinical Pathways Engine is the ability to build and manage care plans tailored to each patient’s needs. From a single clinician portal on Dictum Health’s Care Central cloud-hosted telehealth management platform, care team members can assign questionnaires to patients from a menu of disease-specific templates to address a range of chronic and acute conditions. These include CHF, Hypertension, COPD, Diabetes, Depression, Post-operative Recovery, and Pediatric Post-operative Recovery. Patients can be assigned a schedule specifying the frequency for questionnaire completion, and compliance to the schedule can be tracked.
A scoring system is applied to each questionnaire as well as captured physiological values from connected devices to compute a meaningful value that is applied and reported with a corresponding severity range — Low, Medium, and High. The sophisticated algorithms also apply weighted scoring to clinical data values captured for key population segments. Completed assessments are captured and stored for later review with a color-coded score and alert severity level. The system can be configured to generate text or email alerts to care team members based on values that exceed a specified range or for missed assessment completion events.
The Clinical Pathways suite adds to Dictum Health’s existing RPM solution in use by provider programs that feature integrated capture and reporting of data values from connected medical devices including BP, SpO2, Temp, Weight, and Blood Glucose. This new enhancement elevates that functionality beyond simply alerting on single out-of-range data values, such as a systolic value of a BP reading, or an SpO2 value, to providing a value that captures a more complete and true representation of a patient’s condition. This shift toward improved quality of notifications over quantity also reduces the number of alerts generated, lowering the care team’s level of alert fatigue.
“At Dictum Health, we are specifically focused on improving care access and outcomes for high-need patients. We strive to help our provider clients leverage our solution to reduce avoidable hospital utilization by patients, lower costs of care, improve value-based care performance measures, and grow revenues through new service expansion” said Kim Hobbs, Dictum Health Vice President of Product Development. “The Clinical Pathways solution suite represents a key step forward in our offering toward helping providers achieve these critical goals.”
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Source: Dictum Health