Developer of Pan African Commerce App Says Cryptocurrencies Critical to Building Black Wealth

Ikechi Nwabuisi, founder & CEO of TRiBL, says cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are critical to building Black wealth at a time when the usage of the currency is exploding around the world.
“Just about everyday someone asks me, ‘What does crypto have to do with me?’,” said Nwabuisi, who has lined up VISA and crypto firms, Circle Internet Financial & Paxos Brokerage, as his partners. “Let me break it down simply: It has everything to do with you because crypto is here to stay, and is the future of the digital economy. Crypto is the key to building Black wealth.”
Nwabuisi lays out five steps to get informed, educated, and empowered to participate in the rapidly expanding digital economy:
Nwabuisi’s app, TRiBL, has partnered with VISA and crypto firms Circle Internet Financial & Paxos Brokerage Firm to enable interoperable exchange of digital currencies worldwide.
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Source: TRiBL