Deregulation of Energy States Contact me (872) 216-6565 Claiborne Patrick, Independent Representative North American Power Now, thanks to Energy Deregulation you the customer now have a choice where you purchase your energy supply from. This opened the market up to fair competition and new energy suppliers can offer you a lower rate compared to your local utility. So what does this mean for you? Why should you even care? Deregulation of energy creates new opportunity for entrepreneurs. Deregulation is occurring on a state basis, and if your state is deregulated I would recommend you take advantage how to reduce your electricity bill and make money on the side as well. So how can you prosper? Well, just like the airline and telecommunications industries, the people who made moves and took action were the ones who cashed in. You now have the opportunity to do the same with energy. It is an easy work from home opportunity without investment and is considered one of the best home based business opportunities in 2013. Simply stated, you just sign up as a customer and begin to refer other customers. Think about it. Practically every single person you know uses energy and most of them have no clue they could be paying less. This also includes small businesses, commercial buildings and large industrial buildings. If you see lights on, that is a potential customer. http Why would this type of business be ideal for you? Well

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