DeNations Launches New ‘Treasure Hunt’ Feature for Landowners

DeNations recently launched the new ‘Treasure Hunt’ feature. ‘Treasure Hunt’ is the new reward system for DeNations landowners. Users can open random treasure boxes when they mint the land NFT. The value of the treasure can be up to 0.1 WETH per treasure box. The first and second ‘Treasure Hunt’ was held in Yokohama city and Shenzhen city, and two cities were completely sold out within a day. The next ‘Treasure Hunt’ is expected to be held in Guangzhou and Dongguan in China.
According to DeNations, treasure boxes are hidden in every mintable land for the upcoming pre-sale round, and those who mint the land will have the chance to open the treasure. The distribution of treasures is said to be entirely random, which means that the level of the land NFT will not affect the amount of WETH users will find. Therefore, a lucky user will find a high-valued treasure in a low-level land. 
DeNations’ metaverse is the world’s first nations-based metaverse with 195 nation NFTs inspired by real-world data. The pre-sale of DeNations Land NFT started in June of 2022. The land serves as a territory of the nations. In DeNations land, users can farm and mine a variety of resources and discover new NFTs. Also, landowners could get NFT and token rewards through events and airdrops. 
DeNations’ 3rd ‘Treasure Hunt’ will begin on Dec. 15. Detailed information on how to participate in the minting will be updated on DeNations social media channels. Please visit DeNations’ official website or Twitter account for more information.
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