deMichelle’s New Book ‘Off the Dance Floor’ is an Insightful Journey Taking Its Readers to the World of Latin, Ballroom, and Nightclub Dance Community

Fulton Books author deMichelle, a retired semi-professional dancer, has completed her most recent book “Off the Dance Floor”: a touching memoir that explores the life of a passionate dancer. This account is an in-depth view on the life of a woman who started dancing when she was a child. Despite the obstacles she faced on her way to achieving her dreams, she did not let any people or circumstances blow out the flame in her heart.

deMichelle shares, “There are many people in the world who have always wanted to learn to dance. There are other people who believe that their time has passed and wish they had tried long ago.
This is the story of someone who, in her forties, not only tried but made it a lifestyle. With nothing more than a childhood dream of wanting to stand out among the rest, she wanted to dance, to be included in the elite group of dancers, and, in the end, to teach. Follow her along the path to success in an unforgiving and crazy world.
Watch her learn all the ins and outs of managing not only the dance industry but her relationships with other students, competitors, family, and friends. More importantly, watch her manage her relationship with herself through a decade of dance.”
Published by Fulton Books, deMichelle’s book is a multi-layered life story that one can learn a lot from. It does not just depict the glitz and glamour of being on stage but also unveils the pressure, discrimination, and the insanity off the dance floor.
Off the Dance Floor is a compelling piece that is perfect for readers who love to know more of the dance world.
Readers who wish to experience this poignant work can purchase “Off the Dance Floor” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books