Demandwell Launches Managed AI Copywriting Service

Today, Demandwell, the SEO Solution for Marketers to drive recurring revenue from SEO, is announcing the launch of their Managed AI Content Service, a full-service content production offering that generates SEO copy more quickly and cheaply than ever before.
Prior to Managed AI Content Service, marketers either had to use AI writing assistants themselves, or had to deal with bad copy from long-form AI technology that couldn’t be relied on to rank in search results. Or, they had to hire a freelancer or full-time employee to do the writing. Not only does the new offering fully take the workload off of marketers’ plates, it also incorporates editing for SEO, grammar, plagiarism, and factual accuracy, solving for the current pitfalls of long-form AI technology. 
With Demandwell’s new Managed AI Content Service, marketers can more easily scale content production even with limited resources and bandwidth. 
“From what we’ve seen in our customer base, capacity issues are the number one thing holding people back from publishing the amount of content required to really perform well in search results – which includes financial resources, as well as headcount,” said Demandwell CEO Mitch Causey, “We built this tech-enabled service to empower our customers to publish more content to grow organic demand faster in a time when many budgets have been reduced and we’re all looking for more sustainable growth.”
With this new offering as part of the Demandwell solution, not only can marketers manage all of their SEO work in one place – ranging from keyword research, keyword clustering, reporting, SEO health, and content production – they can now unlock the scale of hands-off content production at a price any budget can afford. 
Demandwell has always leveraged machine and human intelligence to retain expertise where it’s important, and automate the rote, repetitive tasks which don’t require human inputs. 
As the only platform purpose-built for full-stack SEO and scaling content production, Demandwell is the best place for marketers to optimize strategy, analyze performance, monitor site health, and execute on daily SEO content production tasks.
About Demandwell
Demandwell, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the tech-enabled SEO Solution for Marketers to drive demand, traffic, leads, and revenue. For more information on Demandwell or to schedule a demo, visit
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