Delchain Enters Agreement With Ledger Enterprise Solutions to Provide Institutional-Grade Crypto Security Technology

Delchain, an innovative financial digital asset service provider looking to bridge the gap between regulated financial services and blockchain, announces today their partnership with security and enterprise digital-asset custody solutions provider Ledger Enterprise Solutions.
Delchain is a regulated financial services firm offering full-service multi-currency banking, asset management, trading, custody and advisory to blockchain companies and individuals. With agility being at the heart of Delchain’s operation, the organization is now sealing the agreement to optimize its operations.
Delchain will offer clients a comprehensive, secure, and insured custody solution that requires multiple layers of reviews and approvals, through Ledger Enterprise Solutions’ proprietary platform, Ledger Vault. Ledger Vault’s platform employs multiple layers of security to ensure the protection of digital assets under management. It allows for the secure, efficient, and prompt transfer of stored cryptocurrencies upon client request. 
Security and time are two critical factors that contribute to the volatility of crypto markets. Ledger Enterprise Solutions equips Delchain with the resources to accommodate their clients by transacting with their custodied digital assets in a way that accounts for market volatility. With normal cold storage methods, digital wallets are stored on a platform that is not connected to the internet, making it impossible for the assets to fall prey to bad actors or cyberattacks. Through the Ledger Vault platform, Delchain provides clients with the security of traditional cold storage along with the ability to make authorized transactions safely, when needed.
“To be able to offer a seamless, insured, asset custody service to our clients, it was imperative we select a technical platform in line with our agile nature,” Bruno Macchialli, CEO of Delchain, said. “Ledger Enterprise Solutions is a giant in the digital asset custody industry, and I am looking forward to the growth and development we will experience as we work with them.” 
“Ledger Enterprise Solutions and Delchain both prioritize security of digital assets and user experience. This partnership allows Delchain’s clients to rely on institutional-grade custody services,” said Alexandre Lemarchand, Vice President of Global Sales and Partnerships at Ledger Enterprise Solutions. “A commitment to helping digital assets investors seamlessly transact and protect their digital assets is what solidified this agreement. We look forward to a long and robust relationship with Delchain as they continue their growth.”
About DelchainDelchain is a firm that connects the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the regulated world of financial services.
About Ledger Enterprise SolutionsFounded in 2021, Ledger Enterprise Solutions is a division of Ledger, the global leader in security and infrastructure solutions for safeguarding critical digital assets. The mission of Ledger Enterprise Solutions is to enable the digital assets industry to become a multi-trillion dollar industry globally. Ledger Enterprise Solutions provides enterprise-grade security technology solutions and services for custodians, exchanges, banks, and traditional financial institutions.
Source: Delchain