Delaware Data Innovation Lab (DDIL) Merges With Tech Impact

Tech Impact, a leading provider of technology training, education and nonprofit solutions, and The Delaware Data Innovation Lab (DDIL), a nonprofit that accelerates the use of data insights and intelligence to address social challenges, jointly announce a merger, positioning DDIL as a division of Tech Impact. Together, they will leverage organizational efficiencies that will aid communities and nonprofits in using data and technology to better serve the world. 
“We are thrilled to welcome the Delaware Data Innovation Lab to the Tech Impact family,” said Patrick Callihan, Executive Director of Tech Impact. “Our missions and strengths are well-aligned. Tech Impact is positioned to bring the infrastructure to the table while Data Lab brings the data, innovation, and social impact. Together, we are community-focused and leverage technology for positive impact.”
“We are excited to join forces with Tech Impact, a move that enables our team to focus our energy completely on the data and innovation, and not on the overhead,” said Héctor Maldonado-Reis, Associate Director of Research, Development and Analytics at DDIL. “We have always known DDIL would evolve into an organization that was supported by others that would also benefit from data collaboration. By merging with Tech Impact, we will be able to leverage their network and relationships with state agencies, nonprofits, and foundations across the U.S. while continuing to innovate, learn, and create impact from data-driven conversations for years to come.”
The innovation lab launched with a $2 million New Castle County CARES Act grant in October 2020. The organization’s goal has been to engage local and, ultimately, national and global organizations in an ongoing conversation around the sharing and collaboration of data for multiple stakeholder use. The organization has been working to support the state of Delaware in solving challenges with data collaboration during and coming out of the pandemic. DDIL’s current Executive Director, Anne Clauss, will step down from her role and exit the organization. Ryan Harrington, Associate Director, Strategy & Operations, and Hector Maldonado-Reis, Associate Director, Research Development & Analytics, will co-lead DDIL and report to Patrick Callihan at Tech Impact. The Delaware Data Innovation Lab Board of Directors will remain in an advisory capacity.
About Delaware Data Innovation Lab
The Delaware Data Innovation Lab (DDIL) applies innovations in data science to public problems to grow community impact. DDIL is a data lab made up of diverse thinkers and innovators. Its world-class research helps partners identify and implement solutions stemming from data collaboration — from public health and safety to housing, finance, and education. Armed with open-source and in-house research, DDIL convenes policymakers, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and community advocates for data-driven conversations and collaborative solutions.
About Tech Impact

Tech Impact is a nonprofit on a mission to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve the world. The organization is a leading provider of technology education, services, and solutions for nonprofits and operates award-winning IT and customer experience training programs, including job placement, designed to help young adults launch their careers.
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