DEIP is presented scientific poster on Open Science Conference

Open Science aims to disclose all aspects of the research cycle so that research designs, methods, data, and results are made publicly available in a reasonable timeframe. Open Science involves a systemic change not only in the way research is performed and shared but also how researchers are incentivised and rewarded. The transition to Open Science is challenging and will need to be facilitated by new and innovative research publishing platforms as well as new incentives and rewards systems.

“We will discuss new and innovative publishing open peer review platforms and blockchain technologies that could revolutionise the way we conduct, share, evaluate, and fund research. We will not only address how these platforms can facilitate Open Science but how they can contribute to changing the incentives and rewards system for Open Science.” – Alex Shkor said ahead of his trip.

DEIP’s unique technology creates a digital ecosystem to:
• identify the most prominent ideas and individuals; and allocate and distribute resources to support them,
• achieve the most impactful results.

About the company:
DEIP Open Research platform creates a new, democratised, digital economy for science, where rewards are based on innovation, application of experience, contributions to the new discovery, and collaboration. Each scientific discovery is facilitated, secured and can be reviewed and monetized right on the platform. It can streamline funding to put billions more into actual R&D. And, through its openness and accessibility, it will provide a new means for scientists and researchers that have been left out of the conversation a means to collaborate with other scientists, review and access journal articles and publish their research.