DegreeC Releases the °C SPAR Airflow Sensor Pole Array System with ± 3% Accuracy

Degree Controls, Inc. (DegreeC) has released the °C SPAR Airflow Sensor Pole Array system capable of measuring with ± 3% accuracy, in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 110 and NSF 49 standards for laboratory fume hood and biosafety cabinet testing. It is the first multipoint linear array to meet the stringent 3% requirement, answering the demand for measuring inflow and downflow velocity points in one experimental setup. Use of the °C SPAR for grid-based measurements eliminates the inaccuracies associated with positioning single point sensors and also affords users significant time savings in both test setup and measurement.

The °C SPAR is the premier measurement instrument for multipoint airflow testing applications, built to client specified dimensions, including tube length, sensor quantity, pitch, and calibration ranges. Save time and increase confidence, use the °C SPAR to determine face velocity and airflow performance of your primary containment device more quickly and reliably.

The °C SPAR system for linear air velocity, temperature, and humidity measurement has multiple USB outputs and is supported by AccuTrac™ software and °C Port data acquisition instruments from Degree Controls.

About Degree Controls, Inc.
For over 20 years, DegreeC has engineered and manufactured both instrumentation-class airflow sensors and sensors embedded in some of the world’s most demanding products. This includes airflow monitoring solutions for laboratory, building, and industrial safety applications to bring air precisely where it’s needed. The company also develops custom fan and heater controllers for OEM applications. DegreeC products manage air from the board level, to the product level, and to the room scale.

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