Decentralized Storage Provider DeNet Sets Ready to Complete Beta Testing

DeNet, the global pioneer in decentralized cloud storage solutions, is concluding its extensive platform testing. The previous beta testing round, testnet, brought a positive response among 750 users, who reported over 5,000 successful Proof of Storage (PoS) transactions, all having been carefully examined by the company. In this current round, which DeNet is about to successfully conclude, the company has lifted storage limits and made significant stability improvements to its app. PoS are cryptographic protocols that allow a user to efficiently verify the integrity of remotely stored data.
Rafik Singatullin, DeNet CEO and co-founder, commented: “Our approach of using encrypted data fragments distributed to devices all around the world is key for the ultimate user privacy protection. We are proud to share our innovative solution that opens up decentralized encrypted storage for anyone, without having to procure any hardware. Unlike our competitors, DeNet offers storage solutions on a decentralized network. Thanks to our advanced tech, coupled with high-level tokenomics, DeNet has the potential to resolve the main issues in the data storage and its management.”
DeNet made a name for itself by pioneering a novel approach to data storage protocols, which expands the storage capacity of traditional storage devices, such as hard drives, and by creating a model of decentralized storage solution which engages the unutilized capacities of connected devices, DeNet Storage, while providing the utmost security for the end user.
Denis Shelestov, DeNet CTO, said: “Relying on our deep understanding of data storage protocols, we have delivered a proven and successful technology to engage and utilize the unused storage capacity of the existing hardware. Our pursuit of security and efficiency in data storage has now led us to a breakthrough in an entirely new area: decentralized and encrypted storage. I am proud to say that our protocol on blockchain is fast and secure.”
About DeNet
DeNet is a global eco-system of decentralized, encrypted and accessible storage, compatible with any blockchain protocol, utilizing connected devices to expand a decentralized storage service and other capacities for the benefit of its members. In a world’s first, DeNet has created a novel approach for decentralized and secure storage in 2017. The overarching goal of DeNet is to ensure privacy of user’s data on its decentralized and encrypted network.
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