Deborah Riggs’ New Book, ‘Where’s My Birth Father?’ Is a Meaningful Novel That Proves Anything Is Possible as Long as One Has Faith

Fulton Books author Deborah Riggs, a dedicated caregiver who finds joy in spending time with the elderly, has completed her most recent book, “Where’s My Birth Father?”:  an emotional read that encourages everyone not to give up on their dreams. Life is too short to let go of something that will bring joy and happiness. This is evident in the life of a young girl who once had a fun and loving family but ended up separated from each other. Despite the misfortunes she experienced in life, this young girl still cries for her father’s warmth. Will she ever feel the joy of being her daddy’s princess once again?
Riggs shares, “On the surface, it seems like almost a ridiculous life with a heart that seems broken beyond repair with only her satisfaction in searching a lifetime without any knowing what is ahead for a young girl that was taken away from her father by her mother in 1968. Losing her mother, having to live with what she thought were strangers, not giving up on finding happiness.
“Unfortunately, many phone calls and so many long trips to many states searching without any success, so many years without giving up on her dreams. This young girl spending all her extra time looking and searching, trying to fulfill her one and only dream. She was a very sad girl growing up trying not to let her emotions show but was bitter inside. Never giving up on her dream of finding her father before it’s too late; after 45 years, anything can happen. Happiness only happens when you always follow your heart. I hope this book helps someone who has been separated from their families or a lost loved one or who has lost their dreams.”
Published by Fulton Books, Deborah Riggs’ book is a sentimental journey of a woman who did not give up on her desire to reunite with her father. She was taken away from her birth father when her parents’ marriage shattered into pieces. However, no matter how long the years may have passed, she still holds on to her faith that one day she’ll be able to meet her beloved father again.
This tear-jerking narrative will make the readers appreciate their parents more. May this book bring the families closer together, as well as shed hope to anyone who has been separated from their families.
Readers who wish to experience this work can purchase “Where’s My Birth Father?” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books