Dean Anderson’s New Book ‘Was That a Red Flag?’ is an Illuminating Key to Achieving Happiness and Building Better Relationships

Dean Anderson, an excellent author, has completed his most recent book “Was that a Red Flag?”: a brilliant guide designed to help an individual in dealing with their relationships, find warning signs, and make better decisions.
Dean writes, “Have you ever been in a relationship and asked yourself, ‘Is this all there is?’ Have you ever gone into a relationship seeing the red flags but choose to ignore them? Have you ever gone into a relationship that appeared to be normal at the start but turned quickly into something you had never intended?
If so, this book might be for you. It breaks down into several chapters where relationships tend to succeed and where they fail. It forces the reader to answer some tough questions about their current relationship. The goal here is to open the readers’ eyes to what is truly taking place and to analyze whether or not it’s something they can work on, make changes to, or altogether leave to become happy and fulfilled.
Life is too short not to live in abundance. One should not ‘settle’ in a relationship or become something they’re not. Everyone deserves happiness, and this book has the intention of allowing those interested to seek what they’ve always wanted or to turn their current relationships into what they originally wanted.
I hope it helps lead many to happiness who truly deserve it.”
Published by Fulton Books, Anderson’s book is a helpful key for individuals to reevaluate the relationships they are in and be aware of negative signs that could potentially lead to bad encounters.
Readers who wish to experience this excellent work can purchase “Was that a Red Flag?” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books