Dawn Hatchett’s new book, ‘The Garden’, is a transformative piece showing what an intimate bond with God looks like

Dawn Hatchett, a worship painter, a prayer group leader, a loving mother to two grown children, and a dutiful wife who lives in Spokane, Washington with her husband, has completed her new book, “The Garden”: a metamorphic journey of a woman as she walks with Jesus through the garden found in the deepest part of her heart. She follows God’s command as He takes her to explore the beauty and perfect landscapes available in the paradise of her heart. As they moved forward, they reached those parts of the garden filled with weeds, a mossy path, a dark and narrow road, a dense tropical forest with a beautiful poisonous purple flower, and a rusty lock on the old wooden door. With God’s love and mercy, she learned about letting go and forgiveness.
Hatchett writes, “One woman’s journey through the garden with Jesus as her guide. He takes her through lush landscapes and hidden chambers within her own heart. Together they explore how to release painful memories, forgive the wrongs done and reclaim the childlike wonder we were all born with. In doing so, they tear down the notion that God is too remote to be intimate with us.
“‘He calls to our hearts all day and night, but it’s always been up to us to listen. We are hardwired to hear him. We are created to be resonators of his love and when we pay attention, we can feel every hidden chamber within ourselves open and sing.’
“‘He stands in front of me, clothed in white, smiling with kindness and love. He takes my hand, and the breeze lifts my hair as we step into the garden. The horizon is wide and vast, the sky a deep sapphire blue. The breeze comes and is heavily scented with all that grows here. Jasmine, licorice, vanilla, an array of flowers. The path is made up of Thyme and is soft under my bare feet; every step brings its fragrance.'”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Dawn Hatchett’s new book is an enthralling account of life written to introduce each reader to the garden made by God. Everyone has their own garden deep inside their heart and God is just waiting for them to explore its depths. He longs to have a peaceful walk with them, to talk with them, to heal them, and to fill them up. He is just waiting for everyone to realize that He is enough to satisfy all their needs and that His everlasting love is strong enough to keep them free and loved.
Readers can purchase “The Garden” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books