Davien Garcia Joins the Influencer Marketing Factory as TikTok Talent

The Influencer Marketing Factory has onboarded a new creator into their team of talents that will be represented by the agency.
Davien Garcia is the new addition to The Influencer Marketing Factory’s team of talents. He is famously known for his hilarious videos and relatable content on TikTok. Davien is a Texas native and began his TikTok journey only a year ago. His rapid growth and dedication to his craft landed him his first major partnership with Nascar. Davien is a true hustler and above all things, extremely humble about his success. 
“Growing up, my mom always told me that I can be anything that I wanted to be, and that is exactly what is happening right now. I feel blessed to be able to represent and grow under the IMF Family! The team has been nothing but amazing and I know I’m in good hands. I’m excited for this new journey and for the new opportunities that will come. We’re going all the way to the top,” Garcia said.
The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global influencer marketing agency that helps brands and companies engage with Gen Z & Millennials on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. “We are so happy to have Davien joining our talent agency; he makes funny and entertaining content for every type of audience and he is already collecting millions of views on his TikTok videos. He has a lot of potential,” said Alessandro Bogliari, Co-Founder & CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory. The agency now exclusively represents TikTok creators with a combined followers base of 41.5+M and plans to continue this pace of expansion.
About The Influencer Marketing Factory:
The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global influencer marketing agency that helps brands and companies engage with Gen Z & Millennials on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram – While based with team members all across the United States and parts of Europe, the agency currently only represents United States-based talent.

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