David Mosinski’s New Book ‘Life Lessons and Lost Wars’ Is A Captivating Personal History Chronicling The Diverse Life In The Army

Fulton Books author David Mosinski, a US Military Academy alumnus, a US Army colonel, a team player in numerous US military operations and activities, has completed his most recent book “Life Lessons and Lost Wars”: a raw and honest account, documenting a US Army soldier who dedicated most of his life to security, stability, and humanitarian needs by serving the army. Divided into twenty-seven sections, the author takes his readers to a five-decade archive of his military experiences. Each section contains the reality of army life, embedding a meaningful life purpose for the reader.
Mosinski shares, “Enlightening accounts from a US Army soldier covering an unusual range of assignments, training events, operations, and engagements with America’s allies over a span of five decades. Readers may well be surprised by the multifaceted nature of life in the Army. Readers may also be surprised by the author’s revelations of certain underlying factors behind the success or failure of recent US military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Haiti and Liberia. Additionally, readers will find numerous life lessons applicable to soldiers and non-soldiers alike.”
Published by Fulton Books, David Mosinski’s book is an incredible journey portraying the importance of staying true to the good moral code. Sincerity, self-discipline, and sacrifice are some of the recurrent themes in the story. The author hopes that through his personal experiences, both the US Government and US Military will learn much for the sake of current and future soldiers.
The truthful revelations regarding the army life may ignite motivation to both soldiers and non-soldiers.
Readers who wish to experience this revealing work can purchase “Life Lessons and Lost Wars” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books