David J Fishkind’s ‘What My Students Taught Me: Letters From My Time in Teaching’ is a Heartwarming Collection of Letters That Motivated a Teacher to Keep Honing His Craft

Fulton Books author David J Fishkind, a reputable educator who was forced to retire due to the pandemic; an athlete, artist, and history buff, has completed his most recent book “What My Students Taught Me: Letters from My Time in Teaching”:  a pondering compilation of honest and heartwarming letters from students that fuels the drive of their teacher to better himself. Mr. Fishkind left his career in the corporate world to become an educator and he has never once regretted that. As an educator, he is also learning from his students through the annual performance evaluations he assigned for them. He compiled those letters to look at his strengths and weaknesses; furthermore, to be in sync with his students’ expectations.
David J Fishkind shares, “What My Students Taught Me is a reflective work covering time I spent teaching in Broward County, Florida. It is a collection of students’ thoughts and feelings that inspired and taught me how to be a better teacher. It is about the impact a teacher can have on students over time and how that impact impacted me. What My Students Taught Me is more than just a title. It is how I refined my teaching over time. The letters and evaluations shaped how I dealt with students to meet their challenges and make the classroom a space where they felt safe and cared for, as well as educated. My hope is that this work will serve as an inspiration for those who may be seeking to enter the teaching profession or as a reminder for those who do teach as to the why we chose this field. Enjoy!”
Published by Fulton Books, David J Fishkind’s book is an inspiring read that showcases the relationship between a teacher and his students. The author aims to leave a valuable lesson through the publication of his book—that learning is a give and take process.
Readers who wish to experience this endearing work can purchase “What My Students Taught Me: Letters from My Time in Teaching” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books