Darryl Tombleson Brings Hollywood Movie Production To Sydney In 2021

Los Angeles film executives have made the decision to establish production both in Sydney, and on Australia’s Gold Coast, for their forthcoming Netflix Series, with Paramount Studio’s to follow, deemed as a major coup for the Australian film industry.

The coronavirus impact within the entertainment sectors has meant a serious re-shuffle, involving a number of industry divisions, film, television and live productions.

Darryl Tombleson of V.E.S Enriched Creations, has been at the forefront of a number of the US joint mergers, having seen his company evolve from the hospitality, events and beverage sectors, into Hollywood film and television production.

“Versatility and adaptation is crucial in any form of business, without that ability, you won’t last long,(at the best of times), let alone in this new world”, says Tombleson.

Filming will involve a number of Oscar Award winning actors, accompanied by Grammy artist soundtracks.

I can think of worse places to be than the beautiful shores of Sydney and Queensland.

With many more new projects on the drawing board, and notable artists keen to sign, I think it’s time we head ‘Downunder’ folks.

Chris Evans
Reporting for US Entertainment News-Los Angeles & New York