Darkbeam Named Top 50 Cybersecurity Company of 2021

Darkbeam, the third-party digital risk monitoring company that is disrupting the traditional third-party cybersecurity assessment market, today announced it has been selected as one of the world’s top 50 most exciting cybersecurity startups by TechRound, a UK news site for emerging technology companies.
“We are proud and honoured to have been recognised alongside such an enviable list of Cybersecurity leaders by TechRound and wish to congratulate the amazing Darkbeam team for making this exciting news possible,” said Charlie Clark, CEO, Darkbeam. 
Justin Leary, COO, Darkbeam, went on to say, “Our unwavering mission of providing organisations with the insights they need to reduce their digital risk exposure is recognised by our clients, who rely on us to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.”
Unlike other third-party digital risk monitoring companies that lack the capabilities to search at speed and scale to find and recover vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, Darkbeam’s real-time digital risk technology enable clients to monitor and analyse all their vendors, supply chain and partners external digital risk across the entire open internet (including the dark web) at lightning speed by leveraging a proprietary technology.
The Darkbeam Third Party Digital Risk Management Platform enables business e.g. procurement and IT professionals to look beyond their perimeters and establish real-time insight into vulnerabilities that exist across their entire external business ecosystem. As we have seen recently in many of the high-profile hacks, it has been vulnerabilities in a company’s supply chain that have been exploited that has enabled hackers to gain access, and cause significant damage, to more companies.    
Darkbeam’s third-party digital risk identification and management platform is their first line of cyber defence and a critical capability for any company establishing defence in depth.
Founded in 2019 by three former military and intelligence professionals, Darkbeam’s clients are private and public sector organisations that are engaged and connected with many tens of thousands of external third parties on a daily basis and require to have a source of real-time actionable intelligence so they are able to reduce their exposure to cyber risk.  
About Darkbeam
Founded by former military and intelligence professionals, Darkbeam provides a unified digital risk identification and management platform that proactively protects and safeguards companies and governments from cybersecurity threats that result in lost revenue and reputation.
Designed with intelligence at the heart of development, Darkbeam is the first line in cyber defence and allows companies globally to make informed strategic business decisions in confidence, and take action to prevent a hostile attacker orchestrating, and exploiting, a third-party cyber-attack. For more information, visit www.darkbeam.com.
Contact information – Laura Miller, Marketing and Communications Manager, Darkbeam, laura.miller@darkbeam.com.
Interviews available on request. 
Source: Darkbeam