Darcie Mason & Lily Spencer’s New Book ‘Twinky and the Village’ is a Heartwarming True-to-Life Tale That Shows the Inspiring Bond of the People Within the Community

Fulton Books author Darcie Mason, co-owner of Fallen Tree Construction and a wonderful wife who lives in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, and Lily Spencer, owner of The Golden Beads and a talented storyteller, have completed their most recent book “Twinky and the Village”: a touching narrative about a dog named Twinky who finds herself lost in the busy streets of Richardson, Texas.
Darcie and Lily write, “Come along on the search for Twinky, the four-pound Yorkshire Terrier who finds herself lost on the streets of Richardson, Texas, for four nights and five days.
Wonder, along with everyone else, how this tiny pup survived torrential storms, flooded streets, and the neighborhood wildlife.
Be amazed at how many times she was spotted but eluded rescue—until she heard that one voice!”
Published by Fulton Books, Darcie Mason & Lily Spencer’s book is an engrossing read that will fill the readers’ hearts with delight. This amazing picture book presents a caring neighborhood and how everyone in the community is willing to help one another in times of need.
Join this beloved Yorkshire Terrier in her quest to find her way back home.
To pay it forward, all profits from the sale of “Twinky and the Village” are being donated to Richardson animal shelters and animal rescues.
Readers who wish to experience this mesmerizing work can purchase “Twinky and the Village” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
Source: Fulton Books