Dan Robinson’s New Book, ‘Sifted Like Wheat’ is a Brilliant Novel Exploring God’s Nature, and a Believer’s Ultimate Hope, Through the Finished Work of the Cross

Dan Robinson, a loving husband who started Hook Ministries with his wife in the year 2002, has completed his new book, “Sifted Like Wheat”: a raw and inviting narrative about the author’s redemption as he correlates it with Peter’s life story. In this gripping written work, Robinson bears witness to how God’s will may be uncanny and absurd at first, but upon looking at the bigger picture, those absurdities are necessary parts of the greater purpose He’s planned for everyone.
Dan writes, “A cock crows as eyes lock and Peter remembers. Empty words, so many well-intended promises and fixed convictions vaporize as one fisherman’s noble vow sours in bitter tears. ‘Lord, I’m willing to go to prison and even to death with You.’ Jesus nods. He sees, He knows. His impact on this simple Galilean was as real as it was secure, but the work was by no means finished. How could this now crippled son of Jonah have possibly wrapped his brain around participation in Jesus’s passion, that he had to be sifted like wheat?
“How about us? Our identification as believers with One who loved and gave Himself is more than a nod with grateful approval, a ‘thank you Jesus for what You’ve done.’ We too participate. Literally. Actually. Necessarily. Sifting takes a believer’s personal know how and determination to the threshing floor where they are crushed and dismantled, crucified with Christ. See it as the place where even your best efforts and my highest aspirations are exposed for what they are, filthy rags! At the cross and nowhere else can we find genuine rest and consummate relief by way of brokenness that leads to surrender—life and that more abundantly.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Dan Robinson’s new book is an engaging and heartwarming account that allows its readers to have a deeper and clearer comprehension about God. Dan Robinson believes that the Creator brings the best and worse in one’s life, hence, he hopes that his readers will gain a new-found respect and appreciation towards God’s way of shaping His children.
Readers can purchase “Sifted Like Wheat” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books