Dallas Golf Company’s Online Resources Improve the Customer Experience

Dallas Golf Company, which operates a retail outlet in Dallas, Texas, also improves its customers’ shopping experience by extending a number of professional services online in addition to in their store. Their online services include but are not limited to trade-services, golf shaft fitting tools, sales of pre-owned equipment, and much more.

In addition to their collection of equipment and accessories, Dallas Golf Company’s online services and excellent customer service make a difference in the shopping experience. For example, while many golfers are probably accustomed to the typical meeting with a professional to take their measurements and observe their swing before proceeding with recommendations in shafts and clubs, Dallas Golf Company offers both these services in-store as well as an online shaft fitting tool. Those who can still visit Dallas Golf Company in their retail outlet can still partake of these traditional in-person services, but their online shaft fitting tool also enables customers to gain better insight into their equipment, all from the comfort of home.

Additional services like Dallas Golf Company’s trade-in services give customers the ability to trade in used clubs for cash or store credit. This online tool is simple, intuitive, and easy to use, and gives shoppers a quick and easy avenue to convert old equipment back into cash that can be put forward into a new purchase. The easily accessible tool is the perfect avenue to leverage old equipment towards the purchase of new and updated equipment.

Tools like these that improve the customer shopping experience come in addition to Dallas Golf Company’s huge collection of equipment, accessories, and apparel. Dallas Golf Company offers a huge online collection of brands in their collection of shafts and clubs for men and women, as well as a large inventory of golf bags, which includes golf stand bags, travel bags and cart bags, and even golf bags for women golfers. With a collection as large, golfers can easily find golf bags custom tailored to their needs.

In addition to their bags and clubs, Dallas Golf Company also provides a collection of other accessories and apparel, including golf gloves, shoes, and other clothing, along with rangefinders, golf balls, travel gear, and much more. Dallas Golf Company’s online and retail services come together to provide an unbeatable shopping experience for their customers. They serve their customers as a one-stop-shop where all of their equipment can be sourced, all while offering excellent service, advice, and suggestions.

Any interested shoppers are encouraged to visit their website, dallasgolf.com for more information. If there are any outstanding questions regarding any of their online services, customers are asked to forward them to Dallas Golf Company’s customer service team at 800-955-9550, or by sending an email to info@dallasgolf.com.