D.C. Schorno’s new book, ‘Inspiration From a Masterpiece’ is a wonderful piece on discovering a person’s true identity designed by God

D.C. Schorno, a faithful servant of God, a Sunday school teacher, a dutiful husband and father; has completed his new book, “Inspiration From a Masterpiece”: a heartening work created to aid anyone who feels lost in their own journey. These accumulation of personal experiences, wisdom, and insights will serve as a beacon to those who are currently running in circles. 
Schorno shares, “Are you created or invented? Do you know? Have you ever had this question cross your mind? Unfortunately, mainstream America has never posed this question to people. We’ve left out the designer, the potter, the sculptor, the painter, and the great poet.
In this book, I hope to open the door that has been closed for many years. Our education system in this nation is deeply secular and humanistic. We are encouraged from the day we enter grade school to find what we love and have an interest in, and then pursue those dreams and we will find happiness and fulfillment. Sadly, this has turned out to be bad advice for many students upon reaching adulthood. Disillusioned and following their dreams, they work many years in occupations, soon realizing again and again and job after job, they have lost the passion they once knew. Now determined more than ever to locate a new career these people move on to their next dream.
In these pages, I hope to bring some clarity to this dilemma in which a majority of us encounter at some point in our life walk. I will also feature real-life stories of people who shared moments in my life, some with significant and positive outcomes and some unfortunately with tragic endings, not easy to understand or for some folks to accept. I hope this book will encourage and inspire everyone who picks it up to read and find the hidden lessons in each story. God has crafted each and every one of his children with intimate brush strokes, which are yours and yours only, which no other painting receives. Instead of inventing yourself over and over again in a lifetime of nurturing frustration and disappointment, find out what God created you to be.
In this book, I will share real stories with different perspectives regarding uniqueness, purpose, destiny, vocation, as well as how to know when to be patient waiting on the Lord, and knowing when to be content in your vocation. Learning to hone a keen eye, how to look for God and his plan, and accepting the mysteries and unknowns, which God will never reveal to us here on this earth. You may ask, well, what or where did you acquire this wisdom and insight? I’ve gathered these experiences over a lifetime of doubts and unknowns and frustration. Therefore, it’s my desire to share them with everyone who is brave enough to take the journey in discovering their true identity, their true value, and the work of art God hoped you would become in order to complete his goal for you to give him the greatest possible glory. I pray each person who picks up this book will find inspiration and motivation to take the necessary steps needed to draw close to the grand designer in order to become his masterpiece; a divine product, his workmanship, his poetry, a work of art.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, D.C. Schorno’s new book is an insightful read that could change the course of a reader’s life. It is a beautiful narrative on self-discovery and personal development. The ideas presented by the author are written in an empathetic perspective, making this book a work filled with nothing but love.
Readers can purchase “Inspiration From a Masterpiece” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books