Cynthia E. Georgeff’s New Book ‘TRIPLE WHAMMY: STROKE, STROKE, ANEURYSM’ is a Poignant Tale of a Stroke Survivor Who Beats the Odds and Lives a Fulfilling Life

Fulton Books author, Cynthia E. Georgeff, has completed her most recent book “TRIPLE WHAMMY: STROKE, STROKE, ANEURYSM”: a rousing story of courage and unwavering hope. It’s about reaching a major breakthrough when one decides to take control of living life positively and navigate this new circumstance steadily.
Shortly after returning from a glorious vacation in Hawaii, Cynthia suffered a stroke that would forever alter her life. She would have to learn new ways to do many of the simple tasks we all take for granted. Her book describes her journey dealing with two separate strokes and a brain aneurysm. Her right side was paralyzed. She couldn’t take her dog for a walk or even shower on her own or prepare meals. There were dark times which she successfully muddled through. She spent months in a wheelchair, improved enough to use a walker, and then eventually a cane. She hopes this book will aid stroke survivors and their caregivers through their own journey of surviving a stroke and leading a full life ahead of them.
Published by Fulton Books, Cynthia E. Georgeff’s book is a brave example to warriors fighting an illness and being resolute and committed to not set limitations on one’s self and hinder their own dreams and goals in life.
This book also elaborates the struggles and hardships of a stroke survivor. With this account, it is a relatable topic to other stroke survivors and hopefully the tips imparted to them can be of benefit in their daily lives.
Readers who wish to experience this inciting work can purchase “TRIPLE WHAMMY: STROKE, STROKE, ANEURYSM” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton