CustomSoft released Electronic Records and medical practice Management Software

Practice management software developed at CustomSoft is specialized for use in small scale as well as medium scales healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories etc. It reduces the time required for documentation of diagnosis and procedure codes, and other clerical work such as scheduling patient appointments, verifying insurance, and managing medical billing tasks.

The CustomSoft medical practice management system generally manages patient flow and general documentation for the medical sectors as a whole.

The only difference between customized Medical practice management systems handles aspects of practice management and Electronic record management is a very patient centered resource. CustomSoft Medical practice management is the enhanced automation which Increase in Efficiency, Productivity and Profitability.

CustomSoft Medical practice management is dynamic solution to coordinate all organizational tasks and processes through improved workflows, added efficiencies. Healthcare management software developed by CustomSoft is useful for managing reimbursement schedules of the healthcare products.

Some of Benefits of practice management systems software developed by custom soft
1. Easy to use and store data related to patients
2. Automate corrections in coding as per relationships
3. Use of Electronic tickler system
4. Storage of patient’s details is possible
5. Ease monitoring of patients
6. Common factors can be distinguished easily
7. Efficient and User-friendly

This CustomSoft practice management systems software is used to hold different elements as chart notes, patient histories, demographics, allergy information, test results, and diagnosis coding and also other information required during clinical life cycle of patient treatment. Customized medical practice management software provides an international guideline with health industry standards for automated billing, costing, coding and managing medical services.

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