Customized Image Processing Software by CustomSoft

Healthcare industry becomes most popular in recent years as new technologies are emerging day by day to provide best medical services to patients. Image processing software plays an important role in issue detection and diagnosis.

CustomSoft developed image processing software which helps to capture, convert and manipulates the digital images. Image processing software is best to improve contents and quality of images.

Customized image processing software takes an image as input and gives output as enhanced or features image (includes extraction of some useful information). Mostly it is used in radiology section of healthcare.

CustomSoft offers a best customer services by applying skills, expertise, experience and resources. CustomSoft has successfully deployed multiple projects in PHP, Android, iPhone, Delphi and other latest technologies.

Best Features provided by Custom Image processing software are-
1. Image enhancement
2. Remove noise from images
3. Image Deblurring
4. Images give more sharpness
5. Provide better visual appearance
6. Images size can be increased or decreased
7. Images can be compressed or decompressed to transfer over network
8. Minor errors can be rectified
9. Used in many areas like finger printing, iris scanning, space or satellite, remote sensing etc

CustomSoft is leading offshore software Development Company in India which expertise in Software development, Web application development around the world including Countries like South Africa, New Zealand, Dubai, US, UK, Canada, Australia and so on.

CustomSoft works in many domains like-
1. Healthcare
2. Real estate
3. E-Learning
4. Shipping
5. Logistic
6. Hotel
7. Insurance

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