Customer-Focused Product Innovation Leads to Record 2020 for Intland Software

Intland Software, a global provider of enterprise Application Lifecycle Management software solutions for automotive, life sciences, and other regulated industries confirmed over 40% organic growth (YoY) in annual recurring revenue (ARR) in 2020.
“We are proud to report that Intland Software, as a privately owned company, once again comfortably exceeded the ‘rule of 40’ in 2020 for the third consecutive year,” reported Intland Software’s CFO Szabolcs Koppany. This continued growth even during the ongoing pandemic proves the indispensable value Intland’s products are delivering to its customers by helping them make better products faster, safer, and more cost-effectively.
“2020 was a very exciting year. By reorganizing our teams quickly in reaction to the pandemic, we were able to continue our market-driven product innovation and release a new cloud-focused product called codebeamer X. We are grateful for the trust that enables close collaboration with our customers and are happy to contribute to their ongoing success,” said Intland Software’s CEO Janos Koppany.
Intland Software’s 2020 business highlights:
Building on 2020 results, Intland launched its new cloud-based product codebeamer X for organizations developing life sciences and other highly regulated products in advanced engineering sectors. Intland’s product offering helps global leaders and innovators in safety-critical industries make better products faster and safer through regulatory-compliant workflow management, transparency, traceability, and collaboration. The company’s solutions for automated verification, validation, and auditing provide valuable capabilities to mitigate risks in modern product innovation.
codebeamer X is a product management solution to holistically connect people, roles and processes. As an open system with easy-to-adapt workflow templates, it helps make products faster, more cost-effectively, and in higher quality. A modern UI/UX, out-of-the-box industry templates, and a free tool integration package make codebeamer X an essential platform for digital product developers. Intland’s flagship product codebeamer is a product management solution to break down engineering complexity. Through unique digital workflows, codebeamer helps make better products faster and more efficiently. 
“We see new realities emerging from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The perception of IP security barriers is shifting. Many companies were already in the throes of digital transformation pre-pandemic, others implemented digital capabilities for the first time, and most seem to become increasingly comfortable placing their tooling environments in the cloud, seeing it as a more secure environment than many IT departments can provide. We see large organizations building their private cloud infrastructure,” shares Intland Software’s CEO Janos Koppany. “We support cloud and private cloud deployments, and we will continue to invest in supporting those innovative companies.”
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Vera Sparre
VP, Marketing, Intland Software
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Intland Software’s solutions help global leaders and innovators in regulated industries break down complexity in product engineering and enable process excellence for product innovation. Global leaders in industrial manufacturing sectors use codebeamer to make better products faster and more efficiently through unique digital workflows. Innovators in medical devices and other advanced technology sectors use codebeamer X to holistically connect people, roles and processes. Both solutions present open systems with easy-to-adapt workflow templates to help make products faster, more cost-effectively, and in higher quality. Follow @intland on Linkedin and Facebook.
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