Custom-Made Workplace Wellness Campaigns Increase Participation and Strengthen Connections

In response to a shift in the world’s expanding collective consciousness regarding employee wellness, corporations around the globe are investing in the comprehensive health and safety of their employees. Health Enhancement Systems (HES), a leading developer of workplace wellness campaigns, is proud to provide completely custom-made workplace wellness programs that help navigate changing workplace dynamics.
Run-A-Muck, for instance, is a one-of-a-kind program built on the HES Canvas platform, born out of a collaboration between HES and bp, global producer of oil and gas with operations in nearly 80 countries. Through their custom-made workplace wellness programs, HES designed, built, and implemented fully branded campaigns centered around bp’s unique employee experiences.
Workplaces that go above and beyond to prioritize the health and safety of their employees deserve to be celebrated. Canvas allows HES clients to implement a fully branded client experience, including allowing clients to take charge of the program name, content, color scheme, and overall program experience, giving participants and management a true sense of ownership of the wellness program. Spanning a range of accessibility options from desktop to mobile, HES has created dozens of custom programs for:
Custom programs which create a sense of ownership are more successful in facilitating connections between employees. Rather than provide a generic or out-of-touch experience, customized campaigns allow employers to home in on employee concerns and offer a program that resonates beyond the campaign’s end.
When designing the Run-A-Muck campaign, bp recognized the importance to emphasize connection and camaraderie. In response, HES designed a robust social element for the campaign, including teams, buddies, leaderboards, and a wall to allow employees across the world to fully engage in the campaign and use the experience to support each other in their physical health and emotional well-being.
“A custom campaign should feel like it was developed around your workplace and its brand,” says Rachel LaBerge, Account Management Team Leader at HES. “Now more than ever, as a large portion of the workforce is working remotely, and people are feeling increasingly disconnected from their workplace and their work, custom campaigns like Run-A-Muck go a long way in helping employees regain a sense of normalcy. Customized campaigns get to the root of any barriers impeding collaboration and connectedness in the workplace and offer an experience as unique as each workplace.”
HES recognizes that wellness campaigns only work if employees feel connected to the campaign. Customized content is often the most engaging as it targets the history, context, and geography of a given workforce. HES is also adept at building campaigns that are created to have universally relatable benefits, such as:
Industry experts like HES provide corporations with a more extensive universe of wellness campaigns than can be found or built in-house. Extensive experience in creating employee wellness campaigns allows HES to build content that is focused on connection and camaraderie while remaining highly flexible and adaptive to specific workplace needs.
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Health Enhancement Systems created the market for workplace wellness campaigns in 1994. The company serves some of the largest corporations, health plans, universities, health systems, and membership organizations throughout North America and across the globe with 500+ implementations each year, directly and through industry-leading partners.
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