Custom Framing & Art Supplies at King’s Framing & Art Gallery

King’s Framing and Art Gallery endeavour to attend all your aesthetic needs. The Art supply division takes care of your inventive needs as well as the Framing and Art Gallery can take care of all your framing needs. It is a one-stop-shop for all your art related needs. You can get every art supply in Canada here and for each level – be it beginners, moderate or expert.

King’s Framing & Art gallery believe that education of art is a deep-rooted adventure. For your necessities in the Art Education division, Lise King takes care of students at every level, she is fond of teaching students art in different mediums and gets global & local exposure for them, extending the learning and development in expressions of the human experience.

Talking about the background of Lise King, she has always dwelled in art industry. Previous to being an owner of the art store and art instructor, she was a certified hairstylist and makeup artist. She is a product specialist certified instructor, colour theorist certified, and is trained by different makers of items. She continues taking diverse training to upgrade her skills with time and creative items, growing her insight in the craftsmanship business.

Bob King came across the art of custom framing and decided to pursue a career in it. He was a Licensed Sheet metal mechanic and was into designing intricated metal pieces of art. He took training in custom framing and shifted from art of metal to art of custom framing. He says, “What is cardboard as compared to metal!”. Each piece requires its very own special dressing to supplement the piece, focusing on details.

At the Custom framing and print shop, you can get 100% acid free archival materials like Mounts/Matting, foam backing with linen tape to ensure that your art breathes. They also have a variety of Standard, metal, solid wood frames and specialty frames best suited to satisfy your needs.

At King’s Framing and Art Gallery, since 2008, are dedicatedly serving artists and helping them grow. Here are some things that are special and is followed by them no matter what:

• Competitive Pricing is offered.
• First every Art based E-shopping store in Canada.
• Focused on Professional Art supplies
• A fine art store in Canada
• Specialty brands and products available exclusively at King’s framing & Art gallery.

At King’s Framing and Art Gallery, they require their clients to realize that they are here for them inside and out and value their support, support and relationship. We need everybody to make the most of their craft venture with our expert and inventive craftsmanship supplies, animating their innovativeness! This Art supply store strives to give the most reduced costs, quick shipping, extraordinary discounts and remarkable services consistently!