Custom Built Websites vs. Template Websites: A Guide for Startups by Sprinkles Media

Instead of deliberating and going back and forth with coworkers and business partners, focus on what’s essential for your goals.
But in short, it’s probably best if you lean toward crafting a custom-built website instead of using templates as a crutch. Why, though?
According to Jess Park and Tyler Eisenhart, founders of Sprinkles Media, it’s best to go all-in with a custom-built website, one that works toward effectively growing your brand online. Let’s see why.
Template Websites Distract You With Flashy Photos
“Take a good look at the templates you see on popular website builders like Squarespace or Wix. You’ll notice a lot of them rely on heavily edited photos or product shots that the average startup just doesn’t have,” says Park. 
It’s pretty obvious, too. We all like looking at aesthetically pleasing pictures on websites. But if you’re not careful, it could amount to a lot of flash and zero substance.
You don’t want visitors checking out your website and leaving unsure of what your business represents.
Style vs. Function
Before starting your website design, ask yourself what you’re looking for in the central theme. Are you more interested in style? Or are you a no-nonsense functionality type of person? According to Sprinkles Media, it’s a bit of a give-and-take scenario.
Eisenhart explains, “A website is like having a lowered car. You have to negotiate between style and functionality – but at the end of the day, it’s about what’s more important to you.” 
You Need to Stand Out, Period.
If you use a website template, you aren’t the first, not by a long shot. It’s a challenging situation since website templates have a proven track record of being easy to implement and having mass appeal.
Using a well-known existing website template runs the risk of saturating your message by blending in with the thousands of other businesses using the same website template.
So, what’s a new business to do?
Custom Built Websites are The Answer
Having a custom-built website rejects conventional branding methods, forging your own path ahead with what you want specifically. You can’t do that with existing website templates. And it makes your site stand out amongst all the other businesses. 
It caters to your business, your target audience, and your own personal style. What’s not to like?
How Does Sprinkles Media Find The Middle Ground?
Sprinkles Media aims to help businesses of all sizes grow their brand, plain and simple. But in the end, it’s all about fulfilling your business goals and getting your brand noticed.
“Working with clients to bring their vision to life is just another Tuesday for us, but that’s what makes every Tuesday so fulfilling. Entrepreneurs must know there are people out there that can help accelerate their brand, and they don’t have to be in it alone.”
Source: Sprinkles Media