Curt Iden’s New Book ‘The River Elkhorn-Recollections of a Farm Boy of the 1940s’ is a Heartfelt Story About a Young Boy’s Fun and Pleasant Adventures on the Farm

Fulton Books author Curt Iden, a passionate writer who was born in 1939 on a small Nebraska farm, has completed his most recent book “The River Elkhorn-Recollections Of A Farm Boy Of The 1940s”: a fascinating adventure that chronicles the young farmer’s life on his family farm that is filled with excitement, fun activities with his animal companions, challenges, and life lessons.
Curt writes, “The River Elkhorn is a vivid recollection of life as experienced by a young farm boy. The family farm, situated along the banks of the Elkhorn River in northeastern Nebraska, provided ample opportunity for excitement. Home-made entertainment and witnessing farming failures were all part of the boy’s young years in the 1940s.
Riding calves in a barnyard rodeo, cruising down the river on a log raft, and riding a horse bareback at full gallop are examples of fun at full tilt. Coyote pups and Lassie, the pet raccoon, were some of his companions. Slopping the hogs and milking the cows by hand were chores turned into mischief by young Curt. Stealing a ride on his dad’s river trolley became excitement beyond the boy’s intent. The author’s love of the dusty hayloft was pure pleasure.”
Published by Fulton Books, Curt Iden’s book is a marvelous tale that recalls the simple yet fun and amazing things of growing up on the farm with the animals and the challenges that elicit learning.
Readers who wish to experience this wondrous work can purchase “The River Elkhorn-Recollections Of A Farm Boy Of The 1940s” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
Source: Fulton Books