Curitics Health Launches New Low-Code Platform for Value-Based Care

Today, co-founder Christopher Pempsell announced the launch of Curitics Health – a new healthcare technology company that supports value-based care organizations in setting up programs for seamless patient care coordination and engagement and better health outcomes.
The U.S. spends $3.8 trillion dollars each year on healthcare in a system that’s largely based on a fee for service model where clinicians are paid for the number of services they provide to patients. Results for this type of care are less than ideal. Patients aren’t getting the care they need when they need it, and providers are burning out in a system that profits from how often patients are seen rather than how well they are treated.
In recent years, the healthcare industry has turned a corner with the transition to value-based care – a delivery model that pays providers, including hospitals and physicians, based on patient health outcomes. This type of coordinated care takes data sharing, collaboration and strategic planning between health plan payors, providers and patients to maximize results and realize benefits. 
The road to value-based care cannot be achieved by simple technology products like electronic medical records (EMRs) and dated analytics tools. 
“While significant innovation is occurring in the value-based healthcare space, most is aimed at addressing specific use cases whereby silos continue to be created and data remains static and cumbersome,” says Christopher Pempsell, co-founder and chief product officer at Curitics Health. “Value-based treatment and payment models need specialized patient engagement techniques, workflows at the point-of-care and data capture and submission capabilities.” 
Curitics understands the nuances of value-based care well and has developed a unique, low-code operating system where innovation can easily flourish.
“Our team is made up of experts in the value-based care industry who have built sophisticated data analytics, population health and public health solutions across multiple sectors,” says Danielle Meldru, senior vice president of operations at Curitics Health. “We have the business acumen and knowledge to understand what’s working and what’s not working. Our innovative technology will change the game. The goal is to reinvent value-based care and with the right technology, we believe it’s possible.”
Curitics partners with healthcare organizations to rapidly develop in-clinic and virtual care programs that enrich patient care, improve provider experience and meet the dynamic needs of health plan payors. Initial service offerings will be targeted to health plan payors, virtual care providers and home health vendors and will expand to include behavioral health providers, managed service organizations (MSOs) and disease-specific program vendors for diabetes, chronic heart failure and COPD.
About Curitics HealthCuritics Health is a technology company that supports value-based healthcare organizations for better patient outcomes, increased provider satisfaction and improved health plan operations. For more information, visit 
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