Curb Ramp LLC Launches New Heavy Duty Rubber Driveway Ramp

Curb Ramp LLC, creator of the best-selling, customizable do-it-yourself driveway ramp kit, announces a new product addition – a heavy duty rubber threshold ramp for cars, trucks, motorcycles, wheelchairs, and other vehicles. Constructed from highly-durable, industrial grade rubber, the new heavy-duty ramp supports up to 10 tons or 20,000 lbs. Designed to help cars and other vehicles transition smoothly over rolled curbs and elevated sidewalks, this rubber driveway ramp measures 48” by 16” with a center height of 2.6”, optimal for most US driveway curbs and ships with concrete bolts which can be used with the ramp’s integrated mounting holes for permanent or semi-permanent installation. Built to withstand high traffic areas including driveways, garages, sidewalks, and loading docks, the curbside bridge ramp reduces vehicle vibration and can be used for homes or commercial businesses and is perfect for low cars, trucks, trailers, SUVs, RVs, forklifts, or other large vehicles. The ramp’s textured surface provides optimal traction, which helps prevent cars from slipping in rainy and icy conditions. Curb Ramp’s weatherproof ramp also features a built-in channel which allows for water runoff to pass underneath the ramp for proper drainage. The company’s newest addition offers customers a heavy-duty, pre-built alternative to their best-selling do-it-yourself ramp kit. This product is available exclusively at Curb Ramp’s online shop at:

Quality, Affordable Driveway Curb Ramps
“At Curb Ramp™ quality is everything. Our focus has always been on providing superior, affordable solutions for steep driveways, low cars, and other cases where our customers are bottoming out their car and causing damage. Since 2016, Curb Ramp has become a brand that people can trust for premium products and outstanding customer service. We are proud to launch our latest rubber ramp for driveways and plan on expanding our catalogue to include other types of threshold ramps in 2021.”

– Scott McGuire, Owner

For more information about this rubber driveway ramp and other ways to fix your driveway curb, visit the official Curb Ramp™ website at