CSSHealth Announces the Promotion of Colleen Jones, RPh, MBA to Chief Operating Officer, Payer Services Division

CSSHealth’s Chief Executive Officer is pleased to announce the promotion of Colleen Jones, RPh, MBA to Chief Operating Officer, Payer Services Division.   
“CSSHealth experienced significant growth in Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Adherence, and related Pharmacy Clinical Services business in 2020 and 2021,” CEO Jim Clair stated. “We are dedicated to hiring – and promoting – experienced team members that support and accelerate our health plan, pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), and pharmacy clients to achieve their clinical, operational, and financial objectives. With this focus in mind, I have promoted Colleen Jones to lead operations for our Payer Services unit.”  
Ms. Jones joined CSSHealth in March of 2020 as VP of Pharmacy and leads the Payer Services team by advancing patient centricity from a pharmacy clinical support perspective. The goals of 2021 and beyond are to provide unparalleled pharmacy clinical support services with accuracy, timeliness, and innovative responses to the changing needs of health insurers and pharmacists.
Ms. Jones has a broad background including Pharma, Retail Pharmacy ownership, Medicare and Medicaid Program Integrity, Quality Improvement, Opioid Stewardship, and Compliance. Most recently she worked with Walmart at their corporate office, where she helped build and lead their federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO) and then provided leadership on the Controlled Substance Compliance team. Colleen formerly served on the Board of Directors for Tricast (now part of PillarRx). 
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CSS Health provides a comprehensive Medication Therapy Management (MTM), adherence and compliance drug packaging solution for health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), pharmacies, facilities, and patients. Our dedicated leadership team has deep and broad experience in payer and pharmacy services. CSS Health brings together Clinical Support Services, a leader in MTM clinical software and services, and Medicine-On-Time, an innovator in multi-dose and single-dose compliance packaging and prescription management software for more than 30 years, in an end-to-end medication management solution. For more information about CSS Health, please visit www.csshealth.com.
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