CSE’s Annual Sustainability Practitioners Event Looked at Winning the ESG & Net-Zero Race

CSE’s Annual Sustainability Practitioners event, “Winning the ESG & Net-Zero Race – Trends for 2023 and beyond”, on Feb. 7, 2023, brought together thought leaders, institutions and corporate executives. They engaged in a dialogue on regulatory changes and new trends, ESG reporting, risk management and challenges that heads of Sustainability and ESG functions face towards integration.
This event celebrates 15 years of the Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program that has become the first choice for Sustainability and ESG Professionals around the globe, as proven by more than 9,000 certified practitioners in 90 countries, representing  85% of Global FT 500 firms.
The unique findings of CSE’s Annual ESG Research in the U.S. and Canada were presented, investigating ESG best practices and standards used by 31 leading business sectors. It identified the Top 10 ESG Performing Companies in each sector and common success factors, using consolidated scores from several ESG rating agencies for each company and analyzed potential key success factors such as ESG Reporting, Νet-Zero Goal setting and ESG Standards used. 
The event hosted as guest speakers Matthew Rusk, Head of Regional Hub North America at Global Reporting Initiative (GRI); David Marshall, Director, Sustainability & Public Affairs at RESOLUTE; Elisabeth Philippe, Senior Manager, CSR and Media Relations, Executive Operations at United Nations FCU; Rosalinda Sanquiche, Head of Global Sustainability & Communications at CHG; and Arlette Palacio, CEO at Club de Innovación RD and Sustainable Innovation Partners (SIP) Group. The panel discussion focused on good ESG practices, challenges, opportunities and how business leaders can effectively leverage ESG practices strategically.
Matthew Rusk presented how the GRI standards work, what they have to offer and why GRI and SASB reporting complement each other. David Marshall explained why the three great ESG challenges for RESOLUTE are tracking and balancing ESG metrics, ensuring information gets to stakeholders and determining where to focus their resources. Elisabeth Philippe spoke about the journey of UNFCU from a green team to a sustainability movement; taking collective action on sustainability, advocating about transparency and serving as a convener of ideas and best practices for all its 200,000+ members globally. Rosalinda Sanquiche analyzed the ESG challenges for the Food and Beverage industry, and finally, Arlette Palacio presented the C-suite executive’s perspective on ESG and how sustainability could be used as an organizational competence.
Nikos Avlonas, President of CSE, said, “For more than 16 years, we have provided top of the notch advisory services and tools to FT 500 and government organizations, and we have reached the record number of qualifying 9,000 sustainability practitioners from 90 countries, placing CSE as one of the most important influencers in ESG-Net Zero integration globally.”
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