CryptoSlam and OKLink to Partner on a Wide Range of NFT and Other Multi-Chain Data Services

CryptoSlam has entered into a strategic partnership with OKLink, the well-known blockchain big-data company, to bring a better range of on-chain data services. Under the partnership, OKLink will provide CryptoSlam users real-time data searching service and OEC on-chain NFT data. CryptoSlam will bring OKLink comprehensive, multi-blockchain NFT data support.  
“We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with OKLink on our shared mission to make it easy for end-users to explore NFT and other on-chain data,” said Randy Wasinger, Founder and CEO of CryptoSlam. “This partnership will allow us to increase our worldwide reach in the broader crypto industry.”
About CryptoSlam
CryptoSlam is a leading aggregator of non-fungible token (NFT) data from a growing list of popular blockchains, including Ethereum, Ronin, Solana, Flow, Polygon and WAX.  It aims to provide ultimate transparency for the NFT industry.
About OKLink
OKLink is a world-leading blockchain big-data company from China, providing users with accurate on-chain data analysis, high-extensibility information solutions and blockchain science education services based on industry-leading blockchain big-data technology. Currently, OKLink implemented products including OKLink blockchain explorer, Chaintelligence, Chainhub and OKLink Academy.
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